The Towers of Hanoi as a REBOL program.

REBOL stands for Relative Expresion Based Object Language. It is labeled an 'internet messaging language' by its makers. It is an interpreted computer programming language that contains support for many internet services, making it fairly easy to write internet applications such as e-mail clients or web servers.

The REBOL interpreter is available for a wide range of platforms (over 40).

It provides platform-independent graphics and sound access; and it comes with its own windowing toolkit and widget set. The REBOL community is interlinked through a "REBOL desktop", a graphical representation of REBOL-related files stored on the Internet, which is installed together with the REBOL interpreter. The REBOL desktop itself is a REBOL application.

REBOL is designed to handle a wide range of applications, but specifically aims to make distribution of objects and use of network connections simple. It has many specific data types, including a currency type and a URL type.

More information is available on the REBOL website.

comment { The Towers Of Hanoi Rebol Copyright (C) Amit Singh 2003. All Rights Reserved. Last tested under Rebol 042. Usage: hanoi n } REBOL [ Title: "Hanoi" Date: 21-Mar-2003 Author: "Amit Singh" ] movedisk: func [f t] [ prin f prin " --> " print t ] H: func [n f u t] [ either equal? n 1 [ movedisk f t ][ H do [n - 1] f t u movedisk f t H do [n - 1] u f t ] ] hanoi: func [n] [ either lesser? n 1 [ print "usage: hanoi n, where n > 0" ][ H n 1 2 3 ] ]