FlexLM (Flex License Manager) Enabled

The Towers of Hanoi empowered with the FlexLM (license management) framework.

Quoted verbatim from Globetrotter Software's web page:

FLEXlm is the de facto Standard in Electronic License Management technology that improves the profitability of software businesses by:

Software vendors who use FLEXlm experience significant increases in profitability - increases of 10-25% in revenue are not unusual.

In order to test this Hanoi, you would need the binary package hanoi-flexlm-0.0.tar.gz, which contains the lmhanoi executable. This program was compiled on a RedHat 8.0 x86 system, and is statically linked (although I have not tested it on any other Linux distribution, not even a different RedHat version).

In order to "use" lmhanoi, you would need at least one valid license file. You can use one of the license files listed below. The license file can reside anywhere on the file system, and is made available to lmhanoi through the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. Thus, if your license file is /tmp/hanoi.lic, then simply do the following:

# csh setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE /tmp/hanoi.lic # zsh, ksh, bash, sh LM_LICENSE_FILE=/tmp/hanoi.lic export LM_LICENSE_FILE

The package also contains a few license files, at least one of which is required to make use of lmhanoi: