Hanoimania! FAQ

I received far more email than usual about Hanoimania after the site was Slashdotted. Many of the emails had similar thoughts and questions. I've attempted to respond to some of those here.

Are you still accepting submissions?

I never was, actually. This is not a collaborative thing. I wrote these implementations myself because... well, does it really matter?

You missed language/environment XYZ!

I know. (I know now if I didn't know it already.) I wasn't aiming for some specific set of languages or environments. Moreover, many people have pointed me to existing interesting implementations. The point is, I am not collecting these programs—I wrote them for "fun". Unless I intend to make this page a Hanoi portal some day, I'm afraid I cannot put somebody else's code up. In fact, I would want not to look at existing implementations in case I want to write a Hanoi in that particular environment some day.

Here is Hanoi XYZ for your collection!

My utmost gratitude to those who sent me implementations I do not have, or different versions of the ones I have. I have filed your code, and if I get time some day, I might put up a "Contributed Hanois Page", or something like that.

Your XYZ version can be optimized greatly.

I'm sure it can. Since I have varying degrees of grasp on the various languages listed, the various implementations do not necessarily represent my "best practices". Thanks to those who sent me hints and alternate solutions. As and when I find time, I might incorporate the good ideas from your feedback.

Are you aware of the significance of the number 108 in Hinduism?

Yes, I am.